How to make Magnetic Water

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Magnetic Water
How can we make Magnetic Water? Can it really work? Here is the steps to make “Magnetic Water” by Undeniablefacts

“First, get a glass and put about one half cup of water in it. Grab four limes and squeeze the juice into the glass. Next, get about three sizable leaves of spinach and submerge them in the water. Place the glass in your refrigerator (otherwise the water will turn green), and leave overnight. The next day, carefully fish out the spinach leaves, get a powerful magnet.”

You might feel that it is so weird to get spinach and limes to make “Magnetic Water”.

Why choose spinach?
This is because Spinach’s composition is as much as 27% iron or more.

But the iron all locked up in the stubbornly tenacious cellular structure of the spinach leaf.

How can we extract it into the water?
Same way our bodies do: Vitamin C, in the form of lime juices.

Do you believe it is the real fact? I haven’t tried it yet because i do not know how much Spanich would i need to use.

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